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Contract Work


Are you having repeated and costly pest infestations?

As well as efficient 24 hour call outs whenever you’re in need, we also offer our services on an affordable contractual basis.

We currently have contracts with clients ranging from Campsites to Pubs and from Farms to Schools, covering all of their pest control needs whenever they may arise. This also includes regular check ups of both your premises and any other property to maintain your peace of mind knowing that your premises is pest free and you are worry free.




We offer continuous support!

Most commonly, contracts are useful for the maintenance of equipment that you may want installed, such as fly units or bird nets. Continued maintenance from us on these products will most likely prove more cost effective than calling out an alternative contractor if there ever was to be any malfunction.

Contract work takes away from the hassle of booking and billing whenever you need a call out. We will always be available to help you out or give advice, and all at an affordable price. Contracts are most commonly for 12 months, however each contract can be tailored specifically to the needs of you and/or your business.

Does contract work sound like it could benefit your household or place of work? If so, get in touch.