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Do you think you have a rat problem? If you have heard noises, such as scratching, usually at night; it be a sign you have a rat or other vermin problem. Rat infestations occur even if you have good standards of hygiene. We understand what a worry it is to have vermin in your home, agricultural or commercial premises so our vermin pest control is one of our specialities.


That’s why we offer a range of vermin pest control services to prevent and control vermin, rodents and mammals including: Rats & mice, Squirrels, Moles, Rabbits, Foxes and Mink

Other signs of rodent infestation include: Sign of damage to your property, this can be chewed boxes, nests in the garage, small droppings and rub marks and footprints.

How to identify a rat dropping? Rat droppings are usually dark brown in colour and look similar to that of a grain of rice.

We offer both a one-off removal service and affordable regular checks for year round peace of mind. All of our vermin pest control treatments adhere to the latest Health and Safety requirements.

Whether you are concerned about a home, farm, equestrian centre, food establishment, warehouse or other business premises, we can provide a solution which will help keep your vermin problem under control.

Dispatch Pest Control provides a safe and reliable approach to vermin pest control and keeping your premises vermin free. Whatever your pest problem, we are here to help you with pest control, prevention and proofing.

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