Bird Proofing – Solar Panels

Bird Proofing – Solar Panels

Birds seeking safe nesting locations often end up beneath the solar panels on your roof. Dispatch Pest Control can help to prevent this.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Birds seeking safe nesting locations often end up beneath the solar panels on your roof. The space beneath solar panels is an ideal location for birds nesting, providing protection against the elements and keeping them and their young safe from predators

When can nesting become a problem?

Often times, birds who build their nests beneath solar panels can create problems for the solar panel installation. Additional roof damage can be a result of nesting birds, as well as issues with pipe and gutter blockages due to the droppings and nesting material. Noise can be another potential issue with nesting birds, especially the young birds’ repeated calls. But most dangerous is the health hazards birds nesting on roofs can cause, as droppings and feathers can end up causing the spread of diseases.



How to spot a bird infestation

It’s often clear when birds are nesting beneath your solar panels, due to an excess amount of noise or the presence of droppings, but it’s important to be aware of these signs before the infestation can become a problem. Keeping an eye out for debris from nests as well as feathers and droppings can be helpful towards identifying a bird infestation, but checking for damaged property, especially around your solar panels, is also important. Birds can hide beneath the panels, so regularly checking your roof for these signs is essential to preventing further damage.

How can Dispatch Pest Control help?

There’s a lot we can do to prevent birds nesting beneath your solar panels. Netting, for example, is a common way to prevent birds from gaining access to the space beneath your solar panels.

Our 25mm square wire is attached with plastic UV tolerant clips that will not void your warranty. We also use spikes to prevent access, which is a completely safe and humane way to once again keep birds out of certain parts of your roof, including your solar panels. On your own, you can take preventative measures as well, including keeping your roof and the space beneath your solar panels clean, cleaning up your yard and making sure twigs, leaves, and other material for nest building are removed, and ensuring food sources aren’t available in your yard or near your roof.