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Carpet Beetle Control

Carpet Beetles come into homes through openings like doors or windows, and lay eggs near food sources. We can help you to eradicate them.

Carpet Beetle Control Services

Carpet beetles are small insects that feed on various items such as wool, fur, silk, leather and felt. Often for this reason, carpet beetles can be found in homes, infesting carpets, furniture, pillows, clothing, blankets, and more.

They come into homes through openings like doors or windows, and lay eggs near food sources.

Carpet beetle infestations can spread quickly, and are therefore important to identify and exterminate before they can create more severe problems.



Carpet Bug

When are carpet beetles a problem

While feeding, young carpet beetles can damage furniture and carpets they are infesting. They can also live under the flooring, behind baseboards, and inside air ducts. The damage can be extensive and widespread if the infestation is not addressed immediately.

Recognizing an infestation

Carpet beetles are small, but sometimes, you can see them flying around light sources or even crawling on the floors. Oval-shaped and a reddish-brown or yellow, the small bugs are often hard to see with the naked eye. Instead, you can notice their presence based on damage to furniture or floors that they cause, or by checking in common hiding areas, like carpet edges and behind baseboards. Thin or bare areas on rugs or carpets can also be a sign of carpet beetles, as well as shedding furs or brushes. In some cases, you can notice shed larval skins in some areas of the house, indicating young carpet beetles are infesting your home. Signs of carpet beetle larvae indicate there are beetles feeding in the home, so you should pay attention to any of these signs pointing to a potential infestation.

Removing carpet beetles from your home

Cleaning can be an effective solution to a carpet beetle infestation. Vacuuming and steam-cleaning affected carpets and furniture can help to rid your home of these infestations. For the areas you cannot clean yourselves, Dispatch Pest Control can help through chemical treatments and other cleaning methods. Our products are kid and pet friendly, so your house can be rid of carpet beetles and back to normal in no time with no risk to your loved ones. For more information or to get a free, no obligation quote, contact us today.