Insect Monitors

Insect Monitors

Insect monitors can help you to catch the early signs of an infestation. We will take measures to ensure it never gets that far.

Insect Monitoring Services

When it comes to insects, it is very important to catch the early signs of an infestation before it starts to get out of hand. Left ignored, most insects will settle, start laying eggs and spread all over the premises.

With proper insect monitoring equipment installed by a professional, an infestation can be completely avoided and you can rest easy.

Fly trap

Dispatch Pest Control can help

From smaller fly issues to full-blown infestations, our range of electric fly units promise to entirely eradicate your space of flies of all species. Whether you’re looking to install an electric fly unit or a glue monitoring board unit, we will use our extensive knowledge to provide you with the best possible advice and the most suitable product for your property.