Pest Control For Foxes

Foxes in your yard or making dens beneath buildings can cause extensive property damage. Dispatch Pest Control can help to prevent this.

Pest Control For Foxes

Without predators and in the presence of protective shelters and abundant food sources, foxes often find themselves in cities and residential areas. There are many potential issues that a fox infestation can create for you and your home, and so preventing and dealing with an infestation is important to protecting your home from the animals.

Why are foxes a problem?

Foxes in your yard or making dens beneath buildings can cause extensive property damage. They feed on small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and chickens, and even things they find in your bins or lying around the yard. As a result, they can cause damage to gardens. In many suburban areas, foxes dig holes in the grass to search for food, destroying grass and root systems in the yard.


Can foxes pose a health risk?

Foxes do carry diseases that can be transmitted through droppings left behind in the instance of an infestation. Rabies, tapeworms, roundworm parasites, mange, and canine distemper can be carried by wild foxes, and in some instances, can be transmitted to pets and even humans.

Identifying an infestation

One of the easiest ways to identify a fox infestation in your yard is the presence of paw prints. Especially if you don’t have pets, repeatedly finding tracks and prints in your yard can indicate a fox is nearby. Additionally, checking for property damage, like in your garden or underneath porches, or identifying fox holes in your yard is important to keeping your home safe from fox infestations.

How can we help?

If a fox infestation becomes a problem for you, we can help you fix it. Our company has a variety of services for pest removal, and following Health and Safety regulations, we can help you get your yard back to normal in no time. Fox trapping and relocation are options for removing foxes from your property, and our company provides one-time removal options as well as regular checks to help you get your fox problem under control.