Pest Control For Rabbits

Dispatch Pest Control will take measures to ensure that rabbits don’t get into your garden and destroy your valuable plants.

Rabbit Control Services

Rabbits are one of the most common pests in small towns and rural areas since they multiply rapidly.

As a property owner, you may have spent a lot of time and money landscaping your garden, purchasing expensive plants and seeds.

Rabbits are most active in the early hours of the morning so you may not notice them in your garden, but they will feed on your plants, especially vegetables and new shoots, completely destroying them.


Identifying rabbit damage

Since rabbits are usually active when there is less light, it’s possible that you may not notice the rabbits entering or leaving the property, or causing damage, and will only discover them when you notice some of your plants have been eaten. That’s why it is so important to inspect the area where your plants have been damaged so that you can identify the cause and pest control services can be contacted to prevent future damage. Some indications of rabbit damage are:

Plants and grass have been eaten, especially new shoots during spring time.

Rabbit droppings can be found in the garden and on the lawn.

Pets may starting making a noise when rabbits are in the garden.

Rabbit holes

Removing rabbits from your property

Rabbits are usually active and cause more damage during the spring time. It can be frustrating for a gardener to find all the plants they’ve been growing destroyed overnight. So before regrowing the plants, contact Dispatch Pest Control. We are one of the leading pest controllers in North and East Yorkshire and our professional team can help you to prevent rabbits from entering your property.

We will inspect your property to find out how the rabbits are entering. Fencing can be installed or repaired to prevent rabbits from entering in the future and netting may be used to protect your plants.

For more information on how Dispatch Pest Control can help you to keep your garden secure against rabbits and other pests, contact us now.