Pest Control For Squirrels

Do you hear a rustling sound in your loft or walls? It’s probably squirrels who are running around in the dark. These cute squirrels though look attractive, but they can be very destructive and annoying. We can help you get rid of squirrels at home.

Squirrels Control Services

Squirrels are common wildlife species that spend most of their time running on trees, bushes and walls. They are known to grab nuts and acorns and hide them in the ground.

You can also find the short-legged animals running on trees, rooftops and electrical wires. Generally, Squirrels can be lovely, however, they create a nuisance to homeowners and can damage your interior decorators.

If you have any issues with Squirrels disturbing your house, you should contact us.


Signs of a squirrel on your property

Here are some signs that will indicate a squirrel in your house:

When you notice that there is a potential increase in squirrel infestation in your homes, then squirrels are around. In fact, they are known to build colonies in a place they find comfortable.

If there are squirrels on your property you will hear distinct noises that are scurrying and scratching walls.

Another clear indication that there is squirrel infestation in your home is when you discover teeth marks on wires and wooden beams. Usually, squirrels create a nest in attics insulation where they can stay.

When you start noticing some unusual stench and strong Odor in the building, this could be a sign that squirrels are there. These scents can be traced to their urines and droppings, sometimes it could even be dead squirrels that cause that awful smell in the house.

Removing squirrels from your property

We provide pest control services for Squirrels and can help you catch them easily. For more information on our services, contact us today.