Pigeon Control Services

Pigeons can cause far more damage to your property than a lot of other pests. Dispatch Pest Control can help.

Pigeon Control Services

Though most people don’t realize it, pigeons can cause far more damage to your property than a lot of other pests. While there may only be one or a few rats or mice in a property, there are a large number of pigeons who will sit on the gate, metal railings and the roof of the house. They will often nest underneath solar panels on the roof and their guano can cause damage to the panels.

Pigeon droppings are extremely corrosive and can discolor and even damage metal gates and fencing over time, so costly repairs will be required. Additionally, feathers can litter the property clogging the drains. Pigeons may also spread diseases.

Hence if pigeons are damaging the property, it is advisable to hire pigeon control services as quickly as possible.


Signs of a pigeon problem

Pigeons are the most common birds found near homes and business premises. They are often found near places where people are keeping food for them, so to prevent further damage, it is advisable not to leave food out for them. If you start to notice any of the following on your property, give Dispatch Pest Control a call.

Pigeon dropping have started to discolour painted surfaces such as fencing, gates or walls.

Droppings are corroding metallic surfaces like gates, gate hinges and other metallic surfaces around your property.

Birds are making a lot of noise and causing a disturbance.

Feathers are clogging the drains and gutters.

Removing pigeons from your property

In some cases, even though you may not be leaving food out for the pigeons, your neighbours may keep bird feeders in their gardens. This can lead to pigeons roosting on your property.

It is often difficult for property owners to get rid of the birds themselves, so it is usually best to contact a professional pest control supplier in North and East Yorkshire, such as Dispatch Pest Control. Our trained professionals will choose the best method for pigeon control, whether it’s netting, spring wire, repellent or bird spikes. For more information or to get a free, no obligation quote, contact us now.