Seagull Control Services

Seagulls are more than just annoying. They can cause property damage and spread dangerous diseases. Dispatch Pest Control can help.

Seagull Control Services

Seagulls are pesky birds that can infest a variety of locations while searching for food. Seagulls are scavengers that will eat anything, and therefore can create a major problem in the areas they inhabit.

They often live for twenty years or more, nest anywhere there’s food, and are easily adaptable to location and food source.

Unfortunately, seagulls are more than just annoying in the areas they infest, and can cause property damage as well as spread dangerous diseases.


Why are seagulls a problem?

Seagulls are loud, especially during the spring months of their mating season. They’re always seeking food, and can get into your rubbish bins, gardens, and any food like fish or animal feed you may keep outdoors. Seagulls nest on roofs and around chimneys, and can cause property damage to these areas if the infestation gets out of hand. When nesting, seagulls become very aggressive. Additionally, seagulls can contaminate water sources and pose risks to health as they carry diseases like cryptosporidiosis and E.coli, which causes food poisoning.

How to identify a seagull infestation

Noise can be an obvious indication of nesting seagulls, especially when they are flocking in larger groups. Their caws easily identify the birds, and during mating season in April and May, the noise can be hard to ignore. Often, their nests are visible, and you can see the birds feeding, but you can also identify these types of infestations based on missing food, property damage, and the presence of droppings and feathers in your yard or on your roof.

Dispatch Pest Control can help

We have a variety of services that can help you get your seagull infestation under control. Some gull species are protected, especially during these mating seasons, so it’s important to call a professional before removing nests on your property. Dispatch Pest Control can help you safely deal with seagulls on your property, preventing further damage they can cause. Call now for more information.