Pest Control For Rats

Rats carry disease and can contaminate your home and even your food. Dispatch Pest Control will handle it for you.

Pest Control Services For Rats

Rats are some of the most common pests damaging property and food, and also causing contamination with their droppings. They may also spread dangerous diseases like salmonella and weils disease since they live in dirty places like sewers and drainage pipes with harmful bacteria.

So if you notice signs that one or more rats is causing a problem in your property, it is advisable to initiate measures for Rat trapping and removal at the earliest possible opportunity. This will prevent further damage to the property and minimize any health risks.


Signs of a rat infestation

Though they may be visible during the day, rats are usually active mainly at night. So if there are signs of a rat problem, you should consider contacting Dispatch Pest Control. Signs that you may have rats can include;

Droppings that are dark in color.

Damage to property, especially soft items.

Food partly or completely eaten.

Loud noises at night due to items falling or moving.

Scurrying and movement that can be heard at night or in the evening.

Removing rats from your home

It is advisable to arrange for pest control to get rid of the rats as soon as they are detected since they can damage clothes, furniture, and other items in addition to spreading disease. While glue traps and rat traps are available, often you will find that they are not very effective in getting rid of the rats. To prevent further wastage of time and money, and possible damage to property, the best option is to contact Dispatch Pest Control for professional and reliable pest control services in North and East Yorkshire. Our well trained and experienced staff will inspect the property, find out how the rats are entering the house, seal the entry points, and then get rid of the rats for you. Get in touch for more information.