Pest Control For Moths

Moths lay their eggs on clothes. When they hatch the larvae will destroy your clothing. We can help you to prevent this.


Moth Control Services

Since moths are small insects most people tend to ignore them until they find that their expensive carpets, rugs, clothes and home furnishings are damaged. They are not aware that moths have larvae that feed on almost all kinds of natural fabric like cotton, silk, wool, leather and may also affect blended fabric. If the moth larvae are detected at the early stage, you may only find small holes in the fabric.

However, if your textile items are not cleaned regularly, or they’re stored for a longer period of time, they may be completely destroyed. So if you have expensive carpets or clothes at home, you should arrange for Moth removal services as soon as you notice moths in your house.



Signs of a Moth Infestation

Moths lay their eggs on clothes, rugs and other textile items which will hatch to form the larvae. The larvae then feed on the textiles, destroying them. Usually if the clothes are washed regularly, the eggs and larvae will also be washed away, so the problem is mainly with stored clothes, home furnishings and other items that are not washed as regularly. Some of the indications of a moth infestation in your home are as follows;

A large number of moths of different kinds in the house.

Holes in clothes, curtains and bed sheets that are not being used regularly.

Moth larvae which look like caterpillars, or eggs found on clothing, inside cupboards or other storage areas.

Removing moths from your home

Though there are a large number of do it yourself (DIY) products for moth removal, most of them are not very effective. So if you own expensive clothes, carpets or rugs, you should contact Dispatch Pest Control for the most reliable pest control services in North and East Yorkshire. Our experienced and well trained staff will inspect your home to determine the extent of the moth infestation and the areas where the larvae and eggs are located. We’ll then clean the area thoroughly, to remove the eggs, larvae. Get in touch now for more information.