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Are birds making a pest of themselves?

Birds on a roof

If you have a problem with birds, pigeons or another of our feathered friends, then look no further than Dispatch Pest Control. We can solve your bird proofing and control issues, with our safe, reliable service. we can tackle issues including:

  • Bird roosting, landing and nesting prevention
  • Crop protection
  • Fishery & wildlife reserve protection
  • Building and loading bay protection
  • Guttering protection
  • Traffic light, signage & CCTV protection
  • Garden protection
At Dispatch Pest Control, we employ a range of humane techniques and approaches to assist with your bird control and proofing problems.

One of the main issues we deal with is pigeons that have nested underneath solar panels, which is becoming more and more common across the UK. As buildings are demolished and pigeon prevention measures are installed underneath air conditioning units and other areas where pigeons will often build their nests in towns, it has become common for pigeons to nest under solar panels, as well as sitting on top of them.

The warmth and shelter provided by the panels attracts the birds, and they can cause expensive and potentially irreparable damage to the solar panels by nesting there. Pigeon droppings are acidic and if left untreated they can rot through wires and even the panels themselves.

Our team will make sure any existing nests are removed from underneath your solar panels. After that we will install a guard mesh around the panels, preventing any birds from accessing the area underneath.

Bird Netting

“I would highly recommend Carl…”

“I had a severe problem with pigeons roosting in the void between two buildings, Carl provided a competitive quote and completed the work to a high standard. The netting is very robust and I’m confident that birds won’t be roosting there for a very long time. I would highly recommend Carl.” – Matt, Satisfied Customer

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